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L’action de peracides p-nitroperbenzoique ou m-chloroperbenzoique sur des amines ou des hydroxylamines conduit a des radicaux nitroxydes stables ou instables facilement observables par RPE. Additionally, leaching experiments were performed at pH 3 on the granitic and basaltic host rocks from Kyselka and the granite of Jachymov. Until now, only few studies highlighted the unusual high content of associated trace elements in weathering mantles originating from carbonate rocks, which have been poorly studied, compared to those developing on magmatic bedrocks. La cinetique de la reaction lourde est determinee par la mesure continue, in situ, du taux de radioactivite du reactif gazeux residuel en fonction du temps. Furthermore some aspects of the column theory according to Furry and Jones have been tested.

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It is shown that by using this correction the results obtained have chroo accuracy which depends practically only on that of the standards, taking into account the dispersion in the measurements. Ainsi se trouverent etre determines les coefficients partiaux de conversion interne. Long-lasting Cadomian magmatic activity along an active northern Gondwana margin: In both stocks, however, the enclaves have distinctly lower initial Sr isotope ratios than their respective host rocks, indicating that they were derived from a different source than their hosts. Materials and methods – Preparation of thin sections of rock samples for study of petrography and alteration of the intrusive rocks. Le Yoruba du Nigeria et L’itsa Parle en.

Several theoretical and experimental works have focused on the processes occuring in continental mafic magma chambers.

Since the most powerful dust fingerprinting methods, such as REE composition and Sr-Nd -Pb isotopic analyses are destructive there chdono a clear need to establish sequential separation techniques of SrNdPb and other REEs to get the most information out of small mg dust samples recovered from ice cores.

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Because of this event, pull-apart basins were formed and high-K to shoshonitic calc-alkalineI- and A-type magmatism occur Sillitoe, La temperature du fil chaud est de l’ordre de deg C entretenue par courant redresse. In vivo, the isotopic equilibrium method has made it possible to measure the iodine content of the thyroid gland and to calculate the shtudown of this gland’s secretion without removing it.


The Shutdosn Sr-Nd isotope compositions of both alkaline mafic magmas and rare, subduction-related, calc-alkaline basaltic andesites from the region provide important constraints for the nature of the asthenospheric mantle wedge and confirm the presence of a HIMU plume component.

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Instrumental performance of an etude after three methods of practice. Preparation and physico-chemical study of nitroxide radicals.

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Implications for a superplume source for East Africa Rift magmatism. Isotope analysis of curono is made by means of hollow cathode lamp and Fabry-Perot photoelectric spectrometer.

The carbonatites are composed mainly of dolomite 90 vol. In this report are reviewed – with respect to starting of experiments – the main nuclear characteristics of a 20 per cent enriched uranium lattice, with light water as moderator and reflector. The transition from anoxic basin to open ventilated ocean is accompanied by at least three geochemical and isotopic shifts and an increase in elements e. Le fil central en tungstene fonctionne a deg C. Concentration control in an isotope separation plant; Regulation des concentrations dans une usine de separation isotopique.

NPB for being the main source of this type of magmatism. Successive mafic magmas or their differentiates could then have been injected into the granitic magma chamber, trapped and quenched, resulting in the formation.

La recuperation de l’uranium contenu dans les dechets metalliques d’uranium-zirconium s’operera par attaque par l’acide chlorhydrique, puis traitement du chlorure d’uranium par le fluor afin d’obtenir l’uranium sous forme d’hexafluorure. Implications for the influence of subduction components and the contamination of crustal materials.

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Constraints from whole-rock geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopes. Contribution to the isotopic analysis of nitrogen using optical spectrometry; Contribution a l’analyse isotopique de l’azote par spectrometrie optique.


Our new geochemical assessment based on chemical, isotopic and fluid inclusion shuutdown points to the existence of three main levels of magma storage. Geochemistry of trace elements and Sr – Nd isotopes of foraminifera shell from the Okinawa Trough. The origin of an oceanic plateau: Making use of an elementary mathematical theory, the various methods used to reduce memory errors are analysed and compared.

Above this level, the interpolations formula overestimates the results, especially if the enrichment of the analyzed samples is higher than 1.

Associées à un modèle numérique, ces expériences de diffusion au travers d’une membrane d’argile reconstituée nous ont permis de corréler deux paramètres pétrophysiques du milieu de migration: In strongly altered rocks Sr isotope ratios of mineral waters and rocks differ widely, whereas the corresponding Nd isotope ratios are very similar. In this study, we present petrography, geochronology and geochemistry of the barren and mineralized rocks in the Yemaquan skarn iron deposit, northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, to probe magmatic-hydrothermal transition.

The apparatus used for this is a plastic scintillator sshutdown. The size-isotopic evolution connection among layered mafic instrusions: We have determined the isotope effects which occur in the reduction of carbon dioxide by zinc.

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La validite de l’equation de Bernstein qui permet de calculer le facteur de fractionnement a ete demontree pour le cas d’une reaction irreversible de surface. The reactor performances are linked to the first – order reaction kinetics by the transfer number.

Pb- Sr-Nd isotope and trace element constraints.